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As a Hosting Company we support thousands of web transactions daily, enabling small business owners by taking care of their internet requirements.

Business owners are trueserve target customers. We achieve this via reliable email services and website hosting packages (along with free bundled addons).

Our USP is pricing. We offer better than average industry pricing – for the very best (industry standard) services available in our time.

We love to provide more bundled addons than industry competitors; this we believe, is a foundation for success for a Hosting Company.

Established over eight years ago, trueserve aspires to create customer relationships for the long-haul. We achieve this with a focus on meeting client needs and surpassing expectation.

The systems utilise the very latest technology in state of the art, secure UK Data Centres; backed up by technicians 24/7.


Where it all began

The idea of trueserve was conceived on Englands south coast – somewhere in Hampshire by myself – Gary French (Founder) mid-2009, on a beach.

I had been creating websites since 1999 and doing various different jobs since my University days. I set up my first business installing broadband in private student accommodation in Plymouth, Devon. The work we did was of highest quality, installing cables under floorboards, providing sockets neatly on bedroom walls along with a short pre-made cable for students computers, and a router in a central location, all tested upon completion. Historically I was never good at charging clients or spent enough time working out pricing! No wonder we were so busy! Much of our work was done between term-times when the students were away, and we nearly always left properties cleaner and tidier than we found them.

We built a reputation.

In 2006 I left Plymouth. After a short stop / few months with a consultancy, I went to work for MediaFleet, who do vehicle branding for fleets (including Formula 1 Teams). I signed up as a temp, lured by a great day rate and what I thought would be the great freedom to travel around the country, sleeping in hotels and dining out (the novelty of which, I’m sure many know, soon wears off). I went on to become a full-time employee.

I was greatly inspired by the owner of this business from the first day. It was around 6 in the morning and a group of us temps were lined up. An older gentleman walked in through the big doors, full of energy, dressed smartly, and walked by holding a well worn, old leather brown briefcase. It was at that moment I decided I had some lessons to learn here, and there was value in staying. The fitters at Media Fleet are among the very best in the world. After some tough love and long hours, I became a pretty good fitter. I learnt something from everyone – and due to the nature of the job, my mind started to focus on marketing.

Over the years I have done various project work for different companies, including Content Management work for Euler Hermes in Canary Wharf and prestigious projects for the Home Office in London – with a small team of 5 coming up with protocol and implementation for migrating and We audited and assessed many thousands of pages. The project was completed in advance of schedule.

By 2009 I realised the various skills I had learnt over the years, could be focused on another business of my own. I work best when helping people, this possibly stems from exposure to my extended family growing up; exposure to good people, working in caring professions, and the fortune of having good friends.

I decided to focus on Small Businesses, creating websites, providing email services, and for a time – business cards, signage and vehicle decals.

I realised that the best way to build a customer base in this industry, is to offer continued support and value for money by means of Hosting and Email Services – because these services affect the daily lives of our customers. The main focus of business is Hosting and related Internet Services.

Why TrueServe?

Service offering:

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