Website Changes (changes to existing websites) are charged and completed by the hour (not by page). This means you get more website for your money – it’s also the most efficient way to manage the workload for your requirements.

Charges are per hour. The minimum Support Block is 30 Minutes.

Website Changes

If you would like to Host your website and/or Domain Names with us but use another Web Designer or Agency to manage / create a website – this is fine. Simply ‘login’ to your account, and setup or share your FTP details with them, or share your account login so they have full access to your Domain Administration and Hosting Account Control Panel. Make sure you fully trust this individual/business, because all account information will be available in your account area. You the customer will be responsible should your nominee cause any problems or break anything (for existing websites). There is no need to move your domain name or hosting services away from trueserve (even if your new designer says so). Everything a web designer needs can be easily accessed using the trueserve Control Panels. Our business depends on Customer Loyalty, and we reflect our appreciation for this in our Hosting prices.