How to Backup your Website
All Files and Databases

We highly recommend you backup your website(s) – files and database(s) regularly.

Running the backup is easy and does not take long.

  1. Login to your trueserve account (under Customer Login):
  2. Click on Manage Hosting:Manage Hosting
  3. Click on your actual domain name (not on ‘Manage Domain’):
    Manage Hosting 2
  4. The Hosting Control Panel page opens. For most customers there are two easy jobs to do to backup your website.
    1. Click ‘Backup / Restore‘ link followed by ‘Create Full Backup‘. This will download a zip file containing all your website files. If you have an older website without a control panel – thats it – you have backed up your website! if you have a more recent or modern website which is database driven (such as WordPress) – you will need to backup the database too. This is very important. See 2. below for how to backup the database.Backup
      Backup Files
    2. Backup your database. A backup of files only is not enough for database driven websites. You must backup the database at the same time you backed up the files. Backing up at a later time will not create a working backup. So do it right away – not later. Click on Home, and from the main Control Panel click MySQL Databases.
       Backup Database
      Under Manage MySQL – click Backup – this will download the .sql file. Thats it! you have now fully backed up your website files and database. Keep these downloaded files safe. We recommend customers backup websites everytime significant changes are made to the website, so incase of a technical fault, a full restore of your website can take place, including any recent changes. It is customers responsibility to manage backups for websites, so please be diligent and take the time to do this quick task.

      Database Backup